Grand Archive TCG: Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck Display (Pre-Order) (Releases 4/28/23)

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Starter Deck Display
Discover a brand new TCG with engaging gameplay, original story, gorgeous anime inspired artwork, and in-depth character design.
  • . Each Starter Deck contains a preconstructed 60-card main deck and 12-card material deck.
  • Assassin Class Starter Pack contains three predetermined Assassin cards unique to this product.
  • Starter Deck Display contains 9 Starter Decks: 3 each of Lorraine, Rai, and Silvie Starter Decks. Also includes 3 Assassin Class Starter Packs.
  • Starter Decks have a chance at a randomly inserted CSR card.
Ships 4/28/23

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