MetaZoo: UFO x Revive Skateboards Promo Box

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Boxes will contain:

  • 1x Redeemable Promo Card (Redeemable for matching skateboard design)
  • 1x Non-Redeemable Promo Card in Blind Pack

A code at the bottom of the cards can be scratched off and submitted to MetaZoo. After a shipping cost, a Revive Skateboard deck will be sent your way.

*Note: This is not the skateboard itself. Once opened, the redeemable promo card has a scratch off code. This code can then be redeemed for a free board with a matching design on the MetaZoo Marketplace (+shipping $). 

This set boasts beasties from the MetaZoo UFO set as shown below. MetaZoo plans to ship these boxes as soon as orders go in!

Decks/Cards Include:
1/10 – Alien Bigfoot
2/10 – Grays
3/10 – ?
4/10 – Felixstowe Fire Demon
5/10 – Sky Snake
6/10 – Robo Flowers
7/10 – Wakíŋyaŋ
8/10 – Energy Being
9/10 – White Stag
10/10 – ?

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