Pandemic Rapid Response

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  • STRATEGY GAME: Players must work together playing to their characters' strengths and planning their strategy. If you can deliver the right supplies to all the cities in need before time’s up, you’ll win the game. A truly cooperative game where you win or lose together.
  • COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME: Only through teamwork will you have a chance. With a specially equipped plane and unique character abilities, you are uniquely capable of providing life-saving aid—anytime, anywhere.
  • NATURAL DISASTERS HAVE STRUCK CITIES AROUND THE WORLD: Recognizing the overwhelming threat, the nations of the world have taken action and assembled the Crisis Response Unit: an elite team of doctors and specialists.
  • RACE AGAINST TIME: Roll dice to create supplies, fly the plane, and make deliveries to cities in need. As the timer counts down, you must quickly coordinate and work together to react to new disasters. Will you and your team be able to respond in time?
  • INCREASE THE CHALLENGE: Add Crisis Cards to the game for an even bigger challenge. Work around unexpected complications like extreme winds or supply spills before they can derail your mission.

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